Competitive Fund

Through the Competitive Fund, the WCRF Board of Directors will distribute 75% of the annual donations it receives from the Riverside Casino and Golf Resort in the form of grants.  Awards will be made based on an application and subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

All applicants should be aware that their applications, and any supporting materials, become public documents after submission. All applicants are advised that they will be required to submit several items of supporting material with their application including but not limited to

IRS 990 tax return if organization files a federal IRS 990 tax return

Letter of designation as a tax exempt organization from the IRS

Current Certificate of Existence from the Iowa Secretary of State stating that the applicant is an active Iowa non-profit

Permission by resolution, should the project take place on public/governement owned land

Letters of Confirmed matching funds on the letterhead of the funding source.

Please see full Application Guidelines for more details.

Grants Awarded by Washington County Riverboat Foundation

The WCRF currently has two grant programs through which it makes grants from the donations it receives from the Riverside Casino and Golf Resort.

Organizations interested in applying for grants directly from the Washington County Riverboat Foundation will be through the Competitive Fund. Application materials for the Competitive Fund are found under the "Grant Applications" section of this web site.

The WCRF currently has two grant programs, the Competitive Fund (75%) and the Municipal Fund (25%).

Municipal Fund

The WCRF awards 25% of its receipts from the Riverside Casino and Golf Resort to the incorporated municipal cities in Washington County. These funds will be distributed based on the percentage of population in Washington County for each incorporated city from the most recent US decennial census.

Funds awarded in the WCRF Municipal Fund will be programmed by the City Council of each respective city.

These funding percentages are as follows:

            2010 Pop.            % of Pop.

Ainsworth 567         4.15%
Brighton           652         4.77%
Coppock          13          0.10%
Crawfordsville   264        1.93%
Kalona              2,363    17.27%
Riverside         993         7.26%
Washington    7,266     53.15%
Wellman          1,408     10.30%
West Chester 146          1.07%
            ----------  ----------
13,672   100.00%