Application Requirement

The first step in applying to the Washington County Riverboat Foundation is to acquaint yourself with our funding guidelines, areas of interest, and ineligible uses of funds.  Then register your organization online and complete the full application.

Areas of Special Interest

Community Development and Beautification
A high priority is given to community development projects that encourage neighborhood revitalization and create more livable neighborhoods.  Proposals that improve the quality of life and enhance the image and/or appearance of our communities will be seriously considered.

Economic Development
An important goal is to retain or create family wage jobs that will result in increased economic self-sufficiency for area families and residents.  The Foundation’s primary economic development role is to serve as a catalyst by building the capacity of the public and the nonprofit sectors to effectively plan and manage economic development projects.

Education and Arts
The Foundation has an interest in new and innovative programs that promote life-long learning, academic performance, and workforce preparation.  Education and Arts programs that address under served age groups and serve children from economically and educationally disadvantaged families will be considered.

Human and Social Needs
The Foundation places a high priority on innovative programs that strengthen families, address the needs of under served youth, provide services to senior citizens, and help all citizens reach their potential.  The retention of young adults in our communities is an important goal of the Foundation.

Organization Requirements

At least one of the following code sections may describe the applying organization:

  • IRC Section 170c(2),Section 170c(1) – Governmental units such as cities, counties, schools, community colleges, hospitals, etc.

  • IRC Section 501c(3) – Charitable, religious, or educational organizations

  • IRC Section 501c(4) – Social welfare organizations and local associations of employees

  • IRC Section 501c(6) – Business leagues, such as Chambers of Commerce

  • IRC Section 501c(19) - Veterans Organization

  • Register and update your organization’s charity profile at

To enhance the impact of its grant making, the Foundation is especially interested in leveraging its grant awards; therefore, applicants are encouraged to secure other sources of funding in order to complete a project in addition to funding requested from the Foundation.

What we don’t fund


  • Benefiting specific individuals, such as an individual applying for funding to pay for their education, a fellowship, etc.

  • Participating in, or intervening in any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office.

  • Supporting any specific or individual private for-profit enterprise.

  • Replacing an organization’s existing, long-term source of funding.

  • Funding operating deficits or providing long-term operating support; however, the Foundation will consider support for the start-up operating expenses directly associated with a new program or project that is consistent with our focus areas.

  • Supporting any organization that is not in compliance with the terms and purposes of any prior grant awarded by the Foundation.  If the organization has violated the terms of any prior grant, the organization will be considered ineligible until such violation has been resolved.

  • No grant application will be approved that is inconsistent with the tax exempt status of the Foundation.

For our Full Guidelines

Please carefully read the guidelines and contact our Director with any questions.