Executive Assistant Job Description

General Description of Job:
This position represents the Board to the public, and requires a consistent professional appearance and demeanor. Generally the Executive Assistant will direct and coordinate operations of this nonprofit Foundation, to provide information to the general public about the missions of the Foundation, oversee grants made by the Foundation and report observations to the Board, participate in community interests and activities in Washington County, Iowa to develop opportunities and ascertain needs that might be met by the Foundation and report same to the Board. Establish and maintain close working relationships with cooperating agencies to further the policies and aims of the Board. Prepare budget documents to assist the Board in furthering its policies and aims, and to ensure compliance with all legal requirements (primarily by communications with the Corporation’s lawyer and CPA). Recommend changes of policy and procedures to Board. Negotiate with community organizations to assist them in joint fund-raising campaigns, where that meets Board policy and directives. Attend Board meetings. Such other and additional activities as will further the policies and aims of the Foundation.

Specific Tasks:
1. Able and willing to perform routine matters, including: open, date, stamp, sort, and distribute mail; answer telephone and provide information and assistance, or route callers to appropriate Board Officer; take phone or visitor messages and deliver to appropriate individual; greet visitors to the office and direct them to appropriate individual.
2. Compose and type routine correspondence and memoranda using word processing software.
3. Compile and type financial and statistical reports including tables and text using spreadsheet or other appropriate software, and as necessary to meet the needs of the Corporation lawyer and/or CPA.
4. Operate and maintain computer, make, collate and copy files; and maintain the office in a manner appropriate to the tasks assigned by the Board.
5. Receive and process applications for funds from the Foundation.
6. Assist the Board in maintaining compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.
7. Provide availability and visibility for the Foundation through four consistent half days of open office hours each week or more as required by the Board.
8. Attend such state and national meetings as may be required by the Board.
9. Work with the Board's accountant and lawyer, in furnishing such documentation as they may require.
10. Represent the Foundation favorably to the public and the press, and to various organizations in Washington County.
11. Perform other related duties as required.

Knowledge and Skills:
1. Knowledge of modern office procedures and methods.
2. Knowledge of modern business communication, including style and format of letters, memoranda, minutes, and reports including the Foundations Facebook page.
3. Skill to use a personal computer and various software packages.
4. Knowledge of how to maintain an the Foundation’s website.
5. Ability to establish priorities, work independently, and proceed with objectives without supervision.
6. Ability to handle and resolve problems, whether recurring or unique.
7. Ability to compose correspondence, reports, forms, and other documents independently or from transcribing machines, notes, or general instruction from Board or Officer; accurately proofread material and correct grammar, spelling, or word usage; receive and screen callers with complaints or
problems, and direct them to the appropriate party for disposition; appropriately interpret Foundation policy on routine administrative matters, and explain procedures to others; make appointments, coordinate meetings, and schedule conference rooms for Board and Officers, using an on-line calendar system; arrange reservations of necessary facilities, as needed for Board.
8. Compile budget data from financial records; prepare records of budget transfers; establish filing system for accounts payable, purchase orders, and equipment inventory; maintain and control confidential Foundation files; maintain confidentiality.
9. May develop and maintain computerized spreadsheets and databases to enter information and generate reports; may produce, revise, or refine formal presentation materials, using presentation software.
10. May make public presentations about the Foundation and its policies and goals; maintaining excellent community relations; and develop public relations materials and press releases as required by the Board.

Credentials and Experience:
1. College degree in business or related field, or the equivalent in training and experience.
2. At least two years related experience with not-for-profit organizations, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
3. Proven ability to maintain confidential information.
4. Proven ability to organize and communicate in a professional manner.
5. Proven ability to identify problems and implement or recommend solutions; interpret and apply policies and procedures within limits of authority; use tact and discretion; interact effectively with supervisors, officials, employees, and the general public; learn and adapt to new technology as it relates to activities of a non-profit Foundation.
6. Have a valid driver's license, safe driving record, and adequate insurance.
7. Be bondable up to $1 million.
8. Good personal credit history.
9. Willingness to submit to and pass a background check by the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation, or equivalent.
10.  Comfortable with public speaking, and effective with communication.
11. Flexible in working evening and weekend hours, as required from time to time.
12.  It would be helpful if the employee is familiar with website authoring, Facebook, Microsoft Word and Excel.

Compensation and Work Hours:
This position will be compensated at the rate of to be determined, depending on training, ability, and experience. The position will have no other benefits. Four half days in the office to facilitate public access and occasional nights may be required. Attendance at Board meetings will be required.